Cocktails and Drinks

Best Bar 2003 at the UK Bar Awards
Best Bar 2004 at the UK Bar Awards
Time Out Bar of the Year 2004
Observer 'Best Place to Drink in Britain' in 2004
World's Best Bar 2008 Bartender Magazine
World's Best Bar 2009 Bartender Magazine
World's Best Bar 2009 Drinks International
World's Best Bar 2010 Drinks International

At Milk & Honey we have a passion for making the highest quality drinks and cocktails; using the best ingredients, and the finest, often painstaking, methods.

The cocktail making process begins every afternoon when we squeeze oranges, lemons and limes  by hand. We don't use any juice that we haven't made ourselves (hence no cranberry juice), because the drinks taste fresher and better that way.

Our cocktails are made using only the finest spirits and best ingredients. We put most of our glassware and all of our mixing glasses in freezers set to -40C to keep drinks cold during the delicate preparation phase. We count the times we shake or stir to ensure the perfect mix without excessive dilution and the result is the perfect cocktail.

If you're in the Red Room, you'll be served cocktails containing jagged wedges of ice. We cut these by hand with an ice pick from a twice-frozen block of ice made from mineral water. Ice like this is denser, colder and clearer, and chills your drink perfectly without diluting it too much.

Alongside our cocktails, we have also put together a collection of great value wines, Champagnes, whiskies, armagnacs and other digestifs. We hunt down rare bottles at auction and we go to Champagne, the South of France and South Africa to import our own stuff direct at a better price.

It takes a few minutes to mix a great drink.

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