Join Our Membership

If you would like to join The Rushmore Group then you can do so online straightaway through one of the links below, or you can download a Membership Application and send it back to us.

Individual Membership of The Rushmore Group includes membership of Milk & Honey in Soho and access to (the soon to be reopened) Milk & Honey New York.

Our membership scheme is not a traditional one - there are no referees or contacts required. Just apply. Act like a grown up and you can enjoy easy late drinking in London and New York for a change. There are no free memberships, so please don't ask. It doesn't matter who you are or who you think you know. Members may bring up to three guests without a reservation and more if you call ahead and we have space.

For all membership enquiries please contact .

If you are not a member but would like to drop in and see Milk & Honey London then please contact


There are several different types of membership available:



Our standard membership includes Milk & Honey in Soho, London and access to (the soon to be reopened) Milk & Honey New York.

Individual Membership: costs £400 and members receive a £100 bar tab on their membership card. In addition, for new members there is a one-off registration fee of £50.

Joint Membership: Two people/partners living at the same address may also pay a reduced annual rate for Joint Membership of £700 and they receive a £200 bar tab on their membership card. There is only one registration fee of £50.

Become an Individual Member

Become an Joint Member

 Under 30

The same as Individual membership but for Under 30s. You will need a scan/copy of your driving license or passport to join online.

Under 30 membership costs £250 and members receive a £50 bar tab on their membership card.  There is a one-off registration fee of £50. There are no joint Under 30 memberships.

Become an Under 30 Member

Five Year

This is the same as full Individual Membership but is for five years. Genius! So that's membership of  Milk & Honey in Soho, London and access to Milk & Honey New York.

In addition to the £50 one-off registration fee, Five Year Membership costs just £1,500 (and £500 bar tab) or £2,500 (and £1,000 bar tab) for Joint Five Year and represents a reduction more than 30% in the likely annual membership fees payable over the next five years as the Group grows.

Become a Five Year Member

Your Five Year Membership will automatically include membership of any new club we open during the five year period of your membership. Buying a Five Year Membership upfront will mean you are 'protected' from the subsequent increases in our membership rate as we open new clubs. Five Year Memberships can be sold or transferred on to other members if you move or decide you don't need your membership anymore. Existing members can upgrade to Five Year Membership at any time. 

If you have any questions about these options, please contact the Rushmore Membership team.